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The Big Splash, which has been running annually since 2013, is the brain child of astute business woman Maria Florides whose passion for the local music talent has inspired her into action.

The Big Splash point of difference among all band competitions – as well as the choice of judges, considered judging criteria, the across the board musician-first ideology & access to WA’s premier venue circuit – is the guaranteed $10,000 first place prize.

Maria was born in Cyprus, grew up in London, moved to Australia in 1981 & now travels to Europe frequently. After many years of travelling back & forth Maria realised that despite the comforts of flying business class if she used her annual flight budget for the betterment of the WA music scene, flying economy instead, many musicians would see the benefit – rather than Emirates! Maria’s passion for the local WA music talent easily eclipsed her desire for a comfortable long haul flight. It is hoped by all at The Big Splash that this display of valuing the Arts above one’s optional comforts becomes a little more prolific among the business community of WA.